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IBS in Kids – Eating out on the low FODMAP diet

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The symptoms of IBS in kids present in a similar way to that of adults. Tummy pain/bloating/constipation etc.

I was speaking to my mum recently to understand if she remembered me having any IBS symptoms as a kid and she said that after most meals I used to roll around on the floor holding my tummy in pain. My struggles definitely started at an early age and I speak to parents who have been noticing other food issues like celiac as young as babies.  It is even more important in kids to rule out any other problems and to seek the advice of a pediatrician before embarking on the low FODMAP diet. Most importantly parents need to remember that if their child’s symptoms improve whilst on the low FODMAP that this is not a diet for life – high FODMAP foods should be introduced to pinpoint where the trigger foods are and a dietitian will be able to help with this.

IBS in Kids

ibs kids eating whatthefod ibs kids eating out whatthefod

I’ve seen some great articles on recipes and tips for feeding a family on the low FODMAP diet – like this from Stephanie Clairmont, who is a registered dietician and writes a lot about the low FODMAP diet. What I haven’t seen that much of though, and what I thought would be helpful for the mums of England, is to have a look at some restaurants that cater for kids who are following the low FODMAP diet should you be looking to eat out…

So here we go…

The Rainforest Café

Obviously a very popular one with the kiddies it brings the Amazon rainforest to life and is in central London. Their website has a page which offers an extensive allergen menu. They have gluten free pasta options which you can request without onion and garlic in the sauce and they offer things like marshmallow desserts which are low FODMAP and can be enjoyed by children. Book a table here.


Wagamama has restaurants over most of the UK and is great for kids on the low FODMAP diet. They have mini ramen soups, which you can make FODMAP friendly by simply swapping the noodles for rice noodles and request no onion and garlic in the dish. They also have a mini grilled katsu which is served without the breadcrumbs. While your kids won’t be able to have the katsu curry sauce (it has onions and garlic in it) you can have the amai sauce option which is made up of soy sauce – ketchup and a bit of vinegar. Don’t let them eat too much of the sweet corn (½ corn is low FODMAP).


Carluccios offers a great kids options menu. To start, there are carrots and cucumber sticks with tuna mayo dip which is all low FODMAP. They also offer for the mains, all of their pasta gluten free so you can order them with butter and cheese or a tomato sauce (no onion or garlic) keeping their IBS symptoms at bay. To finish they have sorbet options – just make sure you go with low FODMAP flavours like lemon/strawberry etc.

Pizza Express

Pizza express has a fab low FODMAP option on their kids meal and can be found in most UK city locations. To start their dough balls can be ordered gluten free and low FODMAP (don’t let them eat the garlic butter, ask for plain butter instead). For their main they can have a delicious gluten free pizza (they do my favourite gluten free pizza base!) with either the pollo topping or a plain margherita.

That’s just a few, easily accessible options.

Are there any restaurants you have found that are great for children with IBS?

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