Top 5 low FODMAP sweet alternatives

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It can be a struggle eating store bought sugary food or desserts in restaurants as chocolate contains dairy and cakes are often made with flour. There are alternatives though that can easily be found if you are craving something sweet on the low FODMAP diet- these are my top 5 low FODMAP sweet alternatives:

Low FODMAP sweet alternatives

  1. Dark Chocolate – Dark chocolate as opposed to milk chocolate is dairy free and therefore allowed on the low FODMAP diet. If you can’t tolerate lactose then I’m afraid milk and white chocolate are not allowed. My favourite is Dark Chocolate with sea salt which you can find in most supermarkets and pret also does a great snack size.
  2. Sweets – Sweets really are a case by case basis. Glucose is allowed and that is what most are made of. What you need to be careful of is fructose. Fructose is used often when adding fruit flavour so just make sure you check the packaging carefully.
  3. Jelly – Jelly is a great option if you are looking for something low in calories; similarly to sweets keep an eye out for fructose.
  4. Ice cream – is a no no but you can swap it for sorbet. Just make sure the fruit flavours that you choose are low FODMAP. Flavours like Strawberry/Lemon/Grape/Raspberry are all better.
  5. Gluten free cakes – There are many coffee shops and restaurants which now offer gluten free cakes – as long as they are not made with milk. My local cake shop does an amazing orange lime and lemon polenta cake which for example is low FODMAP and gluten free.

Those on the low FODMAP should eat sugar in moderation as IBS symptoms are better when a healthy diet is followed.


low fodmap brunch with friends whatthefodlow fodmap brunch with friends polenta cake whatthefodlow fodmap brunch with friends tea cake whatthefodlow fodmap brunch with friends gluten free cake whatthefodlow fodmap brunch with friends cake tea whatthefod

Do you have a sweet-tooth? Is there anything you find you can’t eat with your IBS symptoms?

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