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Low FODMAP lunch options to try

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Being on the low FODMAP diet, one of the hardest things I find, is grabbing a quick meal when you are out and about! Cooking at home is much easier as you can control all the ingredients that go into your food, where as when you are on the go, it can be tiresome constantly checking ingredient lists! I find this is particularly difficult at lunch when you are often in a rush and don’t have too much time. So I thought it would be helpful to list my top favourite go-to low FODMAP lunch options. These are particular relevant for those of you in the UK. But can easily be adapted if you live somewhere else…

Low FODMAP lunch options


Sushi is the simplest of all food as rice, fish and seaweed are all low FODMAP – just be careful with things like tempura as they will include flour. Places like Itsu and Wasabi have so many different options that are all low FODMAP, like their tuna and salmon selections. You can also have lunch with a side of miso soup if you fancy something warm with your meal.

Jacket potato

Potatoes are such a good carb for those on the low FODMAP diet, as they can be adapted to make so many different types of meals. You just have to make sure your fillings are FODMAP friendly – so things like tuna mayonnaise/prawn mayonnaise or just some butter and cheese! No baked beans guys as they are high in FODMAPs!


Pre-made salads can be tough as you will often find they contain high FODMAPs in their dressing or vegetables. The easiest option is to go to a build-your-own salad bar. At places like Tossed or Vital, they allow you to build your salad from scratch, so you can moderate what goes in! Things like lettuce with chicken, broccoli (half a cup), carrots, cucumbers, olives etc. and low FODMAP cheese. Serve your salad with olive oil and lemon juice for a zing!

Gluten free sandwiches

Many places have started selling gluten free sandwiches but you do you have to watch the fillings. I love Marks & Spencer’s range personally and thing they offer a really varied selection. The BLT and prawn mayonnaise are my favourites. Be careful of things like their gluten free chicken sandwich, which contains garlic mayonnaise.

Vietnamese food

With places like Pho offering a speedy takeaway and with branches opening up across the UK, access to Vietnamese food has become so much easier this last few years . Pretty much all the meals are gluten free as they use things like rice noodles for their phos and rice papers for their summer rolls. Just make sure you request no onion and garlic when ordering to ensure it’s low FODMAP! I love their beef brisket pho and Vietnamese chicken and rice or for a lighter meal, their summer rolls with prawns! Delicious.

What’s your favourite of the low FODMAP lunch options? Have you been to any of these places?


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