Low FODMAP Christmas Markets

low FODMAP christmas markets whatthefod

With Christmas coming around so soon, it is scary worrying about the food you are going to be able to eat and whether it is low in FODMAPs. I’ve seen a lot of fantastic posts about Christmas low FODMAP recipes for the actual day. So I thought I’d take a slightly different approach and talk about my favourite Christmas activity…..Christmas markets! And how these too can be low FODMAP. 

I live in St Albans and we have a gorgeous Christmas market set against the stunning back drop of the St Albans Cathedral. It’s only a 20 minute journey by train from London St Pancras and is such a great city with some lovely boutique shops and gorgeous country pubs to pop in and have a drink! I’d highly recommend a visit. It’s particularly family-friendly if you’re looking for a Christmas market to take the kids to.

low FODMAP christmas markets st albans london whatthefod low FODMAP christmas markets st albans whatthefod

Low FODMAP Christmas Markets

Now the toughest thing about visiting a Christmas market when you suffer with IBS, is watching your friends stuff their face with food that you can’t eat. So I went to do some exploring at the St Albans Christmas Market to understand if there was anything edible on the low FODMAP diet.

low FODMAP christmas markets shopping whatthefodlow FODMAP christmas markets walking whatthefod

First stop was the Bratwurst stand that was advertising gluten free sausages! Amazing! The traders were happy to talk me through the different options to understand if there were any low FODMAP options– the more elaborate bratwurst contained onion and garlic but the plain bratwurst was fine, so I happily had that without the bun and a serving of mustard.

low FODMAP christmas markets bratwurst menu whatthefod low FODMAP christmas markets bratwurst whatthefod

I washed this down with a glass of mulled wine. Ass far as I’m aware, 1 glass of mulled wine should be fine as red wine is lower in fructose and the mulled flavour contains sugar, cinnamon, orange rind and vanilla bean which are all low in FODMAPs. But if you’re not sure, check the ingredients carefully, as I wouldn’t want to be mistaken and each recipe may be slightly different.

low FODMAP christmas markets eating whatthefod

Then we were off to the cheese stall which was probably my favourite stall of the day. Luckily the cheese were clearly labelled so I avoided flavours of cheese high in FOMDAPs like mango and horseradish and went for low FODMAP choices like smoked and lemon (which was a surprisingly delicious flavour!).

low FODMAP christmas markets stalls whatthefodlow FODMAP christmas markets tasting cheese whatthefodlow FODMAP christmas markets cheese whatthefod

Finally, my last stop at the St Albans Christmas Market was the roasted chestnut stand! Roasted chestnuts epitomise Christmas don’t they – and guess what? They are low in FODMAPs, so should easily be tolerated by people with IBS.

So there we have it – low FODMAP Christmas Markets – it is possible! Hopefully this will provide you with a little comfort that there are options you can enjoy.

I’m off to Amsterdam next to visit the Christmas Markets there, so keep an eye out for my review’s as well as some low FODMAP restaurant options.

Where is your favourite Christmas market? Have you managed to enjoy any low FODMAP options?

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