London Low FODMAP Restaurants

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Happy New Year! How did you find the festive season on the low FODMAP diet?

Here’s to 2017 and getting your head around everything low FODMAP…

I recently wrote a review of my top restaurants which cater for the low FODMAP diet in Manchester. This seemed like a helpful post and received some really positive feedback, so I figured I am going to try and write a similar post on other parts of the UK. Given I spend most of my time in London it made sense to start here! I’ve tried to include restaurants with varied cuisines and price points. I hope it helps!

London Low FODMAP Restaurants

Low Price

basilico london low fodmap restaurants whatthefod


Basilico pizza is mainly used as a takeaway restaurant although there are a couple of seats at the dining bar if you want to grab a quick bite. They serve the best thin crust gluten free pizza I have had. My go-to topping is burrata bresola which is served with rocket and parmesan.

Honest Burger

Honest Burger offers gluten free buns at all their locations. I have the chicken burger option which is served with tomato lettuce and mayo which are all low FODMAP friendly options. The chips are rosemary coated which is tolerated with IBS.

Medium Price

sticksnsushi london low fodmap restaurants whatthefod

Sticks and sushi

With locations across London and Cambridge, this restaurant combines two of my favourite things – sushi and meat! The menu is made up of sashimi, rolls and yakitori, as well as other appetisers. You just need to keep an eye out for high FODMAP vegetables like avocado and asparagus and tempura as it’s made with flour. Also make sure the meat you are eating isn’t cooked in onion and garlic. My favourite dishes were edamame followed by yellow tail and shrimp nigiri, black cod sticks and wagu yaki.


Ceviche is a Peruvian restaurant with locations in Soho and Old Street. It combines fresh fish with delicious salads and meat options.  It offers gluten free dishes which helps guide you through the menu – just be careful of some of the dishes having red onion. Low FODMAP options include: hand dived scallops and fish ceviche from the ceviche bar and baby pork rib and grilled octopus from the grill. Also their cocktails are delicious!

High Price

claridges london low fodmap restaurants whatthefod

Claridges afternoon tea

Claridges offers the option to have high tea which include gluten free sandwiches and cakes. Make sure you call in advance to inform them of your low FODMAP requirements – ask for sandwich fillings that contain low FODMAP vegetables and no onion, as well as desserts with low FODMAP fruit and without honey.

Jason Atherton

A Michelin star chef who burst on to the scene with his first restaurant, Pollen Street. Meal options include dishes like Roasted Cornish red mullet, poached Dover sole Orkney sea scallop cooked in seaweed and bouillabaisse.   I’d particularly recommend Pollen Street if you are dining with vegetarian or vegan companions as they offer separate menus for those special dietary requirements. For a slightly lower price restaurant alternative, Sosharu, his sushi offering, recently opened in Clerkenwell and is fantastic!  Whilst the restaurants are of a high price point the ambiance is relaxing and fun. The staff were amazingly helpful with the low FODMAP diet and created dishes specifically to suit my needs. Id highly recommend if you are looking for a special occasion dining option – be sure to book in advance.

So there we have it, just some of my favourite London low FODMAP restaurants. If the menu doesn’t seem to fit your low FODMAP needs, don’t forget to ask! Most places will be happy to talk you through their menu and how some of the dishes could be adapted.

What London low FODMAP restaurants are on your list?


All images above can be found on the restaurants’ official websites. 

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