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    Where to eat

    London Low FODMAP Restaurants

    Happy New Year! How did you find the festive season on the low FODMAP diet? Here’s to 2017 and getting your head around everything low FODMAP… I recently wrote a review…

  • low FODMAP christmas markets whatthefod

    Low FODMAP Christmas Markets

    With Christmas coming around so soon, it is scary worrying about the food you are going to be able to eat and whether it is low in FODMAPs. I’ve seen a…

  • polpo low fodmap fritto misto whatthefod
    Where to eat

    Polpo Restaurant on the Low FODMAP diet

    Recently I visited Polpo for dinner, which is by far one of my favourite dining spots. POLPO is a bàcaro. This is a Venetian word to describe a humble restaurant serving simple food…

  • choosing low fodmap cuisine whatthefod

    Choosing the right low FODMAP cuisine

    There are certain cuisines which are much easier to adapt to the low FODMAP diet and some that are nearly impossible to change and really shouldn’t be attempted – especially if…

  • 6 tips for eating out on lowfod menu whatthefod

    6 Tips for eating out on low FODMAP

    One of the toughest things about being on the low FODMAP diet is eating out. Unfortunately the lack of information out there means that restaurants have normally never heard of the…

  • low fodmap brunch with friends polenta cake whatthefod

    Top 5 low FODMAP sweet alternatives

    It can be a struggle eating store bought sugary food or desserts in restaurants as chocolate contains dairy and cakes are often made with flour. There are alternatives though that can…

  • low fodmap brunch tips whatthefod
    Lifestyle Recipes

    Low FODMAP brunch tips

    I am a huge huge brunch fan. My favourite Sundays are spent with friends, bloody marys and eggs benedict. Unfortunately this doesn’t go hand in hand for those on the low…