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October 2016

  • low fodmap basic salad whatthefod

    Low FODMAP Basic Salad

    Whilst salads are simple to make, it is hard to buy them pre-packaged, as they will often contain vegetables high in FODMAPs or salad dressings that contain onion and garlic. It’s…

  • lowfodmap chicken curry recipe whatthefod

    Low FODMAP Chicken Curry Recipe

    One of the things I miss most is a good curry!!! Unfortunately, Indian food is without a doubt the hardest cuisine to eat on the low fodmap diet. I am yet…

  • simple health kitchen restaurant review whatthefod
    Where to eat

    Where to eat – Simple Health Kitchen

    I’m pretty terrible at taking lunch in to work so am always super excited to find new places that cater for a healthy lifestyle and food intolerances. Whilst living a FODMAP-free life…

  • woman-bloated
    What is low FODMAP?

    What is IBS?

    The low FODMAP diet is an eating plan created for people who have been diagnosed with IBS to identify what food triggers cause their symptoms.  So do make sure you have…